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Margadant Wood Pty Ltd is partner of Wood Solutions and is based in South Africa.

This company is involved in the forest extraction, re-planting of new plantations and the production of typical products for the European and local market.

Durable is for Margadant Wood Pty Ltd and Wood Solutions the key word.

The past 15 years we have been working hard to secure our wood resources through long time contracts with the South African Forestry and other FSC® certified sources in Swaziland. In the past few years we are also involved in setting up our own plantations.

By buying products with the FSC® label, you contribute to the protection of the world’s forests

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  • Indicative durability test on sapwood of Cloeziana.(TU Delft)
  • Durability classes of Eucalypts.(SAI Global)
  • Teredo navalis / marine borer test on Cloeziana(SHR)
  • Strength tests of round Cloeziana poles.(TU Delft
  • Teredo navalis / paalworm test Paniculata

Please ask for these reports to info@woodsolutions.nl

Wood Solutions
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